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The campaign was started by local Town Councillors Laurence Goff and Harry Molyneux who collected 9,000 signatures on two petitions either side of Christmas 2009 and a Facebook group set up by 14 year old Newark resident Cara Hansen quickly gathered over 5,000 members.

Despite this overwhelming support from the people of Newark the local NHS Trust and our other elected representatives chose to ignore the petitions and pursue their objective of downgrading services.

Since then, the campaign has grown greatly, and we have this new website, a name change, and updated social network sites. Now, more than ever, the campaign needs your support. The hospital needs to see change, before anymore lives are affected. Below are the vision and aims of the Say YES to Newark Hospital campaign.

• We believe that the people living in and around Newark need good access to hospital services and emergency care.

• Many decisions about NHS services do not seem to be made in the best interests of local people.

• The Say YES to Newark Hospital campaign (SYNH) wants to make sure that the concerns of ordinary people are heard by our health providers.

SYNH is a non party political group providing a voice for the population of Newark and District campaigning for healthcare services at Newark Hospital that people in the area want expect and is achievable.

Our vision is to establish Newark Hospital as a treatment centre for the vast majority of emergency cases that do not require specialist care. We want a Hospital that will save the unnecessary movement of patients and allow more people to be treated locally around their family and friends.

Now, in 2012, we are pushing the Department of Health to grant Newark Hospital an Independent Review of the services provided to patients.

Use it or Lose it, it’s as simple as that.

One Response to About Us

  • Trevor Cowdell says:

    We are told that if we are seriously ill then we are safer in an ambulance with the highly trained staff than being in the Minor Injuries Unit at Newark, if this is so then why can’t these paramedics decide that some of the less seriously ill patients could be treated at Newark rather than taking them to Kings Mill thus leading to a faster turn round for the ambulance and better for the patient not being left to find their own way back to Newark.
    Trevor Cowdell

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