The Key Themes of Healthcare in Newark and Sherwood

In November and December 2011 the Save Newark Hospital Campaigned (SNHC) carried out a
survey coinciding with the Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group’s (NSCCG) Your
Health, Your Say events in Newark, Ollerton and Southwell.

Please click KeyThemesSurveyNSDCDec2011 to download the full report including analysis of the responses.

The purpose of the NSCGG events was:
-  To help understand Newark and Sherwood citizens’ priorities for health services.
-  Increase awareness and understanding of the difficult decision making process in
-  Set a context for raising awareness of budget setting and management within the NHS
-  Increase citizen participation in decision making.
-  Developing effective relationships with partners across Newark and Sherwood to ensure
successful engagement in decision making processes

The Your Health, Your Say study gathered 82 responses from a population of 113,000 and
summarised its research stating that:
- The Your Health, Your Say events were an opportunity for Newark and Sherwood CCG and
its’ partners to engage with local residents on health issues. A key element of success for the
events was the ability to discuss the priorities in detail with healthcare and management
professionals, and this was resonated in the comments received. They were also an
opportunity to educate residents about the difficult decisions that have to be made in the
current financial climate; and raise awareness of the health issues facing the Newark and
Sherwood area.
- Overall, cardiovascular disease was the area that residents have said requires the most
immediate focus, followed by dementia and respiratory disease. It is essential that the CCG
includes these within plans for 2012/13 and that further engagement takes place to support
the shaping of these key priorities.
- The outcomes have also enabled the CCG to look at where more attention needs to be paid
in raising awareness and potentially developing further engagement opportunities–
particularly around early years development and end of life services.
- For Newark Hospital, it is clear from the events that residents would welcome an increase in
outpatient and planned surgery at their local hospital; and support the use of new
technology to support their health care.
-  The results of these events will be considered when developing commissioning plans for
2012/13 and beyond; along with an engagement plan to increase more awareness of health
services and health issues within the district. The feedback and lessons learnt will be
invaluable in developing further, more targeted Participatory Budgeting events in our
communities in 2012/13.

The purpose of the SNHC survey was:
- To determine what other priorities local service users might have outside of the scope of NSCCG
events and ask question that the NSCCG’s study did not ask.

The SNHC asked local services users on a scale of one to five, one being not very important and five
being very important if they felt that we need a hospital with:
1. A good level of emergency care and assessment
2. Admissions 24/7
3. Improved ambulance provision
4. Re-opened wards
5. Same level of services as other similar towns
6. Improved public and patient transport

The SNHC survey gathered 442 responses from a population of 113,000 of which 90.5% respondents
chose a reponse of four or five to every question.

From that study it is clear that local people were most concerned about the level of emergency care
and assessment, admissions 24/7, the inequality of service provision and the closure of wards which
all scored over 92%. Service users were slightly less concerned about improved ambulance provision
and improved public and patient transport which both scored 88.5%.

The study confirms the fact that local service users are still concerned with the same issues
highlighted in a presentation by NHS Notts to Notts OSC on the 6th December 2011 which stated that
local users are most concerned about:
-  Maintaining or enhancing current urgent care facilities
-  GP access – during the day and out of hours
-  Improved ambulance provision
-  Equity of services across the County
-  Improved patient and public transport
-  Education on proper use of services

Please click KeyThemesSurveyNSDCDec2011 to download the full report including analysis of the responses.

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