Why I Say YES to Newark Hospital

Joe Saleh tells the website why he believes the campaign needs to be taken seriously…

‘The say YES to Newark Hospital’ campaign is a great cause and very much achievable. I joined the cause group recently and have been enthusiastic to help – I was immediately put to task with work to do, starting with an article for the new website on why I think the group is so important to the local area.

This is a very worthy cause and it is beneficial to everyone not just in the Newark and Sherwood region, but in the smaller towns outside of Newark such as Southwell. To get to the point, in many cases, I find it inhuman that people should have to suffer through the lack of good health service at Newark hospital. And this is what I want to improve, and change through this campaign.

There have been a lot of people worried about the lack of good service at the Newark Hospital in the Southwell area and we have gained a lot of support,  with many people joining as members, which I hope of course will continue.  Most people are inclined to think this is only affecting the Newark area; however there are a huge number of people who need this closer to home health care service. We hope to spread word about what is happening to Newark Hospital, and that it is not acceptable and unjust to simply turn a blind eye to what is happening. People need and when available, benefit greatly from a well- facilitated hospital, which also brings a healthy sense of community and reliance in the hospital.

It does not simply have to be something that has affected you directly as an individual. My dad regularly has to receive checks and tests at City Hospital monitoring his heart condition. I am indebted to the fact that there is a health service, which I know that my family and I can feel secure using. However, I could simply not live with myself if my own family were once affected by lack of service through the NHS. Everyone is entitled to a good standard of health service, as was set down when the service was formed in 1945. I wouldn’t wish anyone to ever be in a position where they could not get the best quality health service, so I really hope that everyone can give this campaign a huge push and together we can give people what they want and what they need. A health service is probably vital to most people at some point in their lives and it would not be justified to not have the support you need from your health care. Why should people who regularly use this hospital and need it have to pay the price for an under achieving hospital putting even extra stress on people that really do need a good standard of health service. The facts have been laid out, and, it seems this Hospital simply isn’t reaching the targets set.

Finally, I hope that everyone who reads this will get involved in this cause and together I truly believe we can and will make a difference. There are a vast number of people benefiting from this cause and I see no reason why we should not give them what they deserve. So I plead with you, get involved even if it is simply filling out a membership form – it is all a step further to making Newark and its surrounding area to have a health service they can rely on, actively use and vitally, help people get the treatment they absolutely need.

One Response to Why I Say YES to Newark Hospital

  • Simon Howes says:

    Newark hospital situation is very sad indeed.
    For any urgent matters, people need to go to Nottingham, Lincoln, Worksop or Mansfield. This is a joke.

    Newark people have the right for care!! (ie heart, brain, lung issues).

    We pay our taxes, we deserve a full functioning hospital. We don’t want a doctor’s surgey called a hospital.

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