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3 Responses to Have Your Say

  • Brian Rollitt says:

    It is time Newark Hospital was delivered from the hands of the incompetency of the Mansfield
    trust,which is never going to re-pay the interest on the money borrowed to build it and the
    interest accumalated on that interest.Get rid of Amanda Sullivan and the rest of the incompetents,let Newark manage its own hospital and restore beds and treatments.

  • john roberts says:

    it seems to me that Amanda sulivan is Newarks big problem if so how do we remove her

  • Peter Walton says:

    I feel that I have to stand up and say something as yet again there are failings at Newark Hospital.
    I am under a specialist that my GP arranged for treatment every 6 weeks for my shoulder injury.
    I was at the clinic on the 14th of October and should have had another appointment on the 25th November.
    But yet again the computer appointments system was down and got an appointment for the 9th December already taking me past my 6 weeks meaning much more pain and suffering.

    I got two letters for this appointment and both letters on the same day. Then This morning I received yet again two letters again cancelling my appointment with no explanation and no re-arranged day meaning that now my treatment has been cancelled by this trust.

    This is yet again highlighting how poor the service is we are getting from Newark Hospital when they can cancel someones treatment and not offer any explanation or an alternative.

    So this will now mean I will have to go back to my GP for a referral to be sent to another consultant and then having to wait however long it takes for me to be seen by someone else.
    I had the exact same problem when I had major issues with my knee. I had cancelled appointment after cancelled appointment.
    My appointments when I eventually got in were always 2 hours + Late so in the end I transferred to the City Hospital at Nottingham where I got the proper care I needed and was told I needed a replacement knee and was on the list and operated on within a few months.
    What is happening to the Hospital at Newark? Waiting times are getting worse. Treatments being cancelled and never an explanation just excuses.

    Isn`t it time Newark got a Hospital that the people of Newark can be proud of and get the treatment they deserve without having to be shipped out to other Hospitals and creating longer waiting lists in those areas.
    There are all the facilities available at Newark but they are just wasted sitting idle when they could be put to the use they were built for.

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