Pay off PFI and Reinstate Newark Hospital Services – Petition Launched

Dr Helen Tyrer has launched a petition to support a proposal to pay Newark Hospital’s share of the PFI and reinstate services at Newark Hospital.

Attending the Say YES to Newark Hospital, Hug the Hospital event Dr Tyrer stated, “From what we learned at Hexham this proposal could provide a real solution.  To do that we need to work collaboratively and I want to see all parties on board.  This petition will not end on the 8th May.  We are launching this petition because we want to see services returned to Newark Hospital.  We think that the only way to do that is to pay off the PFI debt as they have done in Hexham and develop new partnerships with other Trusts.”

Over the years, and in particular the past two years services have been drained away from Newark Hospital, disadvantaging local service users and increasing pressure on other over stretched hospitals.

Earlier in the year Dr Tyrer visited Hexham Hospital in Northumberland.  Hexham has reached an agreement with Catalyst (their PFI provider) that was a gain for everybody.  Hexham Hospital had cost £57M to build, had attracted excessive additional payments and after 10 years was still owing £114M.  In a pioneering arrangement, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust borrowed £114m from the Northumberland County Council to pay off the PFI debt and the private contractors who built and ran Hexham General Hospital.  This has led to savings of about £3.5m every year over the next 19 years. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is borrowing the money from Northumberland County Council, who in turn have borrowed this sum from HM Treasury’s Public Works Loan Board at a preferential low rate of interest which benefits the Council. This has led to savings of about £3.5m every year for the subsequent 19 years of the contract.

Dr Tyrer concluded, “The fact is Newark is 23 miles from four large hospital in three different Trusts.  Why shouldn’t we forge partnerships with them all for the benefit of the people that use Newark Hospital, and ease the pressure on over stretched services elsewhere?  This is a common sense solution to a real problem.  A solution that will benefit everybody.”

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One Response to Pay off PFI and Reinstate Newark Hospital Services – Petition Launched

  • Jane Hedge says:

    I have wanted this to be put forward since I saw the report of Hexham Hospital. We have the best cause for services to be returned to Newark hospital with our ageing population and the proposed plan to build 3,000 more houses around the town.

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