Welcome to Say YES to Newark Hospital

Welcome to Say YES to Newark Hospital, formerly the Save Newark Hospital Campaign. We are entirely non-political, and take pride in having members from across the political spectrum, and also members with no political affiliation at all. We work for the Hospital, and for the benefit of Newark Hospital with no extra political motive whatsoever.

We have rebranded our campaign to provide an opportunity for local people to demonstrate their support.  We want to attract as many members as possible and it is our intention to produce wristbands and badges in campaign colours for you to purchase as a sign of your commitment to your local hospital.

The changes include this new website as well as a new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/synhc and our Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/synhc to consolidate the main site.

The new website will include regularly updated articles and latest news, enabling members to stay in touch with the campaign. The renewed plans also come with a new logo, and campaign colours, both of which appear on the website.

The chairman of the campaign Francis Towndrow said about the re-launch – “Grantham Hospital has 200 beds and Worksop has 300 Newark has less than 100, this in grossly unfair.  We need as many people as possible to the support the development of Newark Hospital by becoming members of the Say YES to Newark Hospital campaign. “

The official re-launch date is Valentine’s Day – the 14th February 2012.

In conjunction with the re-launch, we conducted a survey of nearly 450 people in the Newark, Southwell, Ollerton and Bingham. The survey asked service users to indicate how important a good level of emergency care and assessment, admissions 24/7, improved ambulance provision, re-opened wards, the same level of services as other similar towns and improved public and patient transport is to them.

From the survey it is clear that local people were most concerned about the level of emergency care and assessment, admissions 24/7, the inequality of service provision and the closure of wards which all scored over 92%.  The area which people are slightly less concerned is improved ambulance provision and improved public and patient transport, which both scored 88.5%.

Thank you for your support.

10 Responses to Welcome to Say YES to Newark Hospital

  • Lynn Betts says:

    What a comforting, satisfying place Newark Hospital is; clean, calm, professional and reassuring. I have been an outpatient and inpatient at both King’s Mill and Newark and I would pick Newark every time. Long may that choice be available to us here.
    I plead with the local Health Authority to use Newark more, to build up the number of beds available and the consultants who work there.
    We have a work force who truly seem to want to support their local population, they are friendly, concerned and I feel lucky to be cared for at Newark Hospital.

  • jag1 says:

    Is there still a treat to the hospital and if so could someone get in touch with me to see how I could help that would be great?

  • Betty Turner says:

    If everyone continues to accept appointments offered at Kingmill instead of insisting on an appointment at Newark the list of patients will diminish. They can then say the hospital is not used. I told them NO. I am now being seen at Newark.

  • Eunice Hulme says:

    I am a full supporter of Newark Hospital in every way. It is a wonderful hospital, very friendly and very clean, but because they are taking so many services away it is being made very difficult to support, the latest being Mr. Broodryk’s departure, I like many of his long term patients will I am sure go to the City Hospital to see him instead of transferring to someone else we don’t know from Kings Mill

  • Mr D Misiak says:

    After the fiasco I had with Newark and Kings Mill Hospitals last night with my Uncle – a very long story which I’m sure you will have heard the likes of many times before – something needs to be done – quickly.

    Time to put some pressure on Mr Patrick Mercer…

  • Liz Bell says:

    We desperately need to save our hospital. At some point we may all need to use it & itsno use us complaining when its gone. Kings Mill doesn’t even compare……..& when we have our own hospital in our own town we should do everything we can to save it. I totally support all you are doing. See you on Monday.

  • Aileen Collinson says:

    Fully support all you are doing and agree the discrepanciers with Grantham.

  • J L & P A Whetton says:

    We agree with all you are trying to do and say. Keep this hospital open, especially for emergency care and assessment and admissions 24/7. I (P A Whetton) have had better care in this hospital as an in-patient that at any other hospital. We support your campaign wholeheartedly.

  • Let’s use the local Newark Hospital

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